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March 23, 2011 Council Meeting Minutes


Regular Council Meeting

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 7:00 PM

Danube City Council Chambers


A regular meeting of the Danube City Council was conducted on March 23, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Gene Allex presiding. 


The following Councilmembers were present:  Bob Simpson and Al Strunc


Councilmembers absent:  Ryan Bentley


Others Present:  Public Works Director Dan Kaufenberg, City Clerk-Treasurer Sara Wilson, media, and Harley Haug on behalf of his father, Danube resident Homer Haug. 


Approval of Agenda


Councilmember Simpson moved and Councilmember Strunc seconded a motion to approve the Agenda with the addition of City Pick Up under new business.  The motion carried unanimously.   


Approval of Minutes


Councilmember Strunc moved and Councilmember Simpson seconded a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of March 9, 2011.  The moton carried unanimously. 


Public Works Director Dan Kaufenberg


Public Works Director Dan Kaufenberg was present to give his monthly employee report.  Harley Haug was at the meeting on behalf of his father, Danube resident Homer Haug.  Kaufenberg informed the council that Homer Haug had purchased a check valve to install (and brace) in the manhole near his home to hopefully prevent any further sewer backup issues.  Kaufenberg and Harley Haug plan to install the valve and use a vent fan for ventilation and a tripod with a safety harness to comply with OSHA.  Kaufenberg reported that during the last rain and wet snowfall, 300,000 extra gallons of water went through the sanitary sewer in one day and the reason has not been discovered yet.  Haug is willing to lend help where he can until he goes back to work.  He mentioned a couple companies that have cameras that could be run in the sewer system to see where there may be leaks.  Susan Williams, Renville County Register Editor, said that the City of Olivia also has a camera.  Kaufenberg wants to check the manhole covers first.  He said the manhole covers may be in need of gaskets to seal them off better.  With the extra rain and snow, the ponds are ready full and needing to be discharged again.  They were just discharged the first part of March.  Kaufenberg will call the MPCA to get permission to do another discharge. 


Councilmember Strunc asked how often Kaufenberg runs the generator.  Kaufenberg said he starts and runs it once a month. 


Kaufenberg told the council that by the end of the year, he will need to be doing his monthly DMR’s to the MPCA via the internet.  Currently, he does not have access to a computer except when the Clerk is in her office.  He mentioned checking into internet for his office and the police station.  The Clerk will look into this.  Computers will be priced as well. 


Councilmember Strunc asked who enforces the sump pump ordinance.  In the past, Kaufenberg has put notices on the doors of residents that have sump pumps that aren’t draining outside.  The council feels that the police department should be monitoring this and enforcing the ordinance.  Councilmembers Strunc and Simpson feel that it should be made city policy that sump pumps have to be hard plumbed.  Clerk Wilson was asked to look at the City of Olivia’s sump pump ordinance for the next city council meeting. 


Dennis Oberloh – 2010 Audit Report - POSTPONED


2nd Street East


Mayor Allex and the council received a letter from Craig Hebrink, President & CEO of Co-op Country Farmers Elevator.  He wrote on behalf of the Board of Directors of CCFE, asking that the council reconsider their request to make Oak Street or 2nd Street a 9 ton road, thereby making it a truck route.  The letter stated that they intend to build an agronomy center on the west end of their property in the future and that it would be more convenient for them to have an additional access to Highway 212.  The letter said that only agronomy equipment would travel on that road.  The letter noted that Mr. Hebrink and others had seen truck traffic on 2nd Street East.    


Mr. Hebrink went on to say they’ve appreciated the City of Danube’s cooperation with their expansion and was sure that the city realized the substantial tax revenue it will be receiving from CCFE.  He also said CCFE would be open to discussing the funding of the additional cost associated with making the road a 9 ton road. 


The council again discussed the request.  Although they really would like to cooperate with the elevator and honor their request, they decided their answer will not change.  Councilmember Strunc said he hates to say no to anything business related in town, but he also wouldn’t want truck traffic past his house.  He stated that truck traffic belongs on the highway.  The council wants it made clear that right now, trucks are being allowed on 2nd Street because there really isn’t a road there to ruin, but once 2nd Street is improved, there will not be any more trucks allowed on it at all, for parking or otherwise.  That is why only the first 2 blocks of 2nd Street from the highway will be a 9 ton road.  The council does not want another truck route in town. 


Clerk Wilson was instructed to reply to Mr. Hebrink’s letter.


Community Center

Clerk Wilson reported that a time clock has been purchased for the Community Center.  There are no outlets in areas that are not common areas, so a quote is being obtained on getting an outlet installed in one of the closets. 


Clerk Wilson has been receiving applications for the community center custodian position. 


Approval of Bills


Councilmember Strunc moved and Councilmember Simpson seconded a motion to approve the bills as submitted in the amount of $14,838.51.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Appoint Acting Mayor


Councilmember Strunc moved and Councilmember Simpson seconded a motion to appoint Councilmember Ryan Bentley as Acting Mayor, thereby adding him to all City of Danube bank accounts. The motion carried unanimously.


Vacant Council Position


The council discussed a couple people who had been possibilities for the vacant council position. 


Mayor Allex moved and Councilmember Strunc seconded a motion to appoint Dave Maurice to fill the vacant council position, which expires at the end of 2014.  The motion carried unanimously.  


City Pickup


Councilmember Strunc received quotes from Custom Motors on two used pickups.  One is a 2003 Chevy 1500 with 109,970 miles for $8,400 with trade-in.  The other is a 2007 Chevy 1500 with 99,656 miles for $9200 with trade-in.  Mayor Allex and Councilmember Simpson will look at the two pickups. 


Councilmember Strunc moved and Mayor Allex seconded a motion to purchase one of the 2 quoted pickups after Allex and Simpson look at them.  The motion carried unanimously. 




There being no further business before the council, Councilmember Simpson moved and Councilmember Strunc seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting.  With all members voting in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:  Sara Wilson, City Clerk

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