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January 13, 2010 council meeting minutes



Mayor Gene Allex called the regular meeting of the Danube City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13, 2010.  Councilmembers present:  Sharon Lothert, Al Strunc, Ryan Bentley, and Bob Simpson.  Absent: None


Also present:  Police Chief, Les Schneider


A motion was made by Sharon Lothert to approve the agenda with the following additions under new business:  Approve raffle permit for DAAC (7/10/10) and Danube Firemen’s Relief Association (3/20/10); Time cards; Newsletter.  Ryan Bentley seconded and the motion carried unanimously. 


Newly appointed councilmember, Bob Simpson, read his oath of office.


A motion was made by Bentley to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of December 23, 2009 with two noted minor corrections.  Al Strunc seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Police Chief Les Schneider was present to give his monthly employee report.  Danube Police Department statistics for the month of December 2009 are as follows:  Calls: 43, Reports: 23, Traffic Stops: 37, Citations: 14, Mutual Assists: 24, Home Security Checks: 3.  The department began patrol shifts earlier in the day during December to watch the school bus zones in town.  The department received driving complaints in those areas around 3:30 p.m. and the patrol at that time has slowed down traffic.  The parking on the street during snow removal has decreased and there have not been repeat offenders reported.  Other business discussed:

·         Christmas lights were shut off on January 3 and will be taken down in the spring.

·         Schneider reported on groups using the school gym.  There is a lot of activity there and he will get the schedule to the clerk.  Schneider and his wife have done some cleaning in the bathrooms and have kept the gym floor swept.

·         The squad car received new tires.  There was some warranty work done after the check engine light came on.

·         Schneider attended a multi-agency meeting at BOLD High School on December 11.

·         The Minnesota Crime Prevention Association dues are $45.  The police department receives hockey and baseball trading cards from this association and kids love the cards.

·         The annual radar certification and calibration was performed on December 15 by North Central Radar. 

·         West Central Sanitation called Schneider the Friday before Christmas to tell him the holiday schedule for garbage pick-up.  They apologized for not notifying the City of Danube earlier. 

·         Schneider reminded the council that any information they see on the City Attorney’s bill is strictly confidential because it often pertains to cases that are still active. 

·         Farmer’s Coop Oil sent a $250 donation to the Danube First Responders.  Schneider sent a thank you for their continued support. 

·         Mayor Allex asked that Schneider let the clerk know when someone is scheduled to use the gym at the school.  Allex also suggested using a sign out sheet for keys that open city property.  Strunc asked for a list of who has keys to the school.  Schneider told Strunc who has each of the keys to the school.  Strunc will make a key board to hang at the City office. 

·         Allex asked Schneider if Dennis Zieske has been spoken to about leaving his truck on the street during snow removal.  Schneider thought Officer Krueger talked to Zieske during and Allex also talked to Zieske.  There is room to park trailers by the city shop.  Schneider will talk to Zieske. 


Bentley had a conversation with a man from MVTL about drinkable city water.  Bentley understood that more chlorine needed to be added to the water.  Strunc wants Public Works Director Dan Kaufenberg to continue pursuing the possibility of improving Danube’s water quality.


In other business:

·         One day last week the water tower over flowed because a pump did not shut off.

·         Honeywell was at the school today to assess the problems with the heat.

·         There is a hearing scheduled for the Mahoney case on February 3.

·         Mediacom is unable to provide telephone service to the water tower and the police station.

·         Allex will get a firm price on new park equipment since spring is coming.

·         There is no new information on the zoning of the elevator property east of town.

·         The council received the final copy of the budget.


Strunc obtained the property front footage along 2nd Street East.  The clerk will have to now figure out if the signers of the petition have 35% of the property footage.  If they do, the next step in the process of paving 2nd Street East will be started.


The council wants clarification on why they have to sign a contract with ACTS each year for garbage bags when they don’t necessarily have to buy bags annually.  Allex signed the contract, but the clerk will get clarification before sending it back to ACTS.


The Community Center and school building rental schedule was reviewed by the City Council. The Community Hall is being used January 15 for the blood mobile, January 19 by Minnwest Bank, and January 16 & 23 for private parties.  The gym continues to be used for various athletic events.


In reviewing the bills submitted for approval, Bentley asked why the City had Hoffman’s Lawn Service move snow at the Community Center and City Office over Christmas.  Lothert explained that there was snow piled up in front of the Community Center over Christmas weekend and there was a rental booked for Sunday.  Hoffman was cleaning across the street and Lothert asked how much he’d charge to move snow in front of the Hall.  Hoffman gave her a price of $25. 


Allex said Hoffman said he’d clean in front of City Hall for no additional charge.  The bill was for $75.  Bentley stated that there are plenty of people in town to help with snow removal. 


Allex asked Lothert about the purchase of a Christmas tree for the Community Center.  She said all she could find of the old tree was the base and post for the middle of the tree. The clerk said Jammie Schneider called the city office and told her the rest of the tree and all the decorations are at the City Shop because there isn’t room to store them at the Community Center. 


Bentley asked what the two-radios were for.  Allex said they were used during snow removal and will be handy in the summer when Kaufenberg and the summer maintenance person are mowing.


The brakes froze up in the city snow truck.  It’s getting repaired.


Lothert asked Allex if he talked to Kaufenberg about moving the snow behind the Community Center.  Lothert expressed concern over kids sledding down the pile and into traffic in the parking lot. 


A motion was made by Bentley to approve the bills as submitted in the amount of $39,410.90.  Lothert seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Lothert informed the council that she is going to make a new form for renters of the Community Center that states specifically what needs to be cleaned when they rent the hall.


The council approved of the clerk signing a contract with Korsmo Fire Protection to do the bi-annual hood inspection at the Community Center. 


The clerk explained the Preferred Banking available at Minnwest Bank for employees of businesses enrolled in the free program.  The benefits include things like free checks, specials on mortgages and personal loans, higher savings interest rates and other perks.  This is a free program for the City of Danube.


A motion was made by Lothert to enroll the City of Danube in the free program at Minnwest Bank which allows city employees to receive Preferred Banking benefits and to allow Minnwest Bank to offer the benefits to Danube City employees.  Bentley seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


A motion was made by Lothert, seconded by Bob Simpson, and carried unanimously to approve the following appointments:

            Action Mayor - Lothert

Official Depositories   - HomeTown Bank, Minnwest Bank, First Security Bank, American Bank, Dawson Coop Credit Union.

Official Newspaper – Renville Register

Health Officer – Renville County Public Health

Direct Supervisor to Dan Kaufenberg – Bentley

Direct Supervisor to Sara Wilson – Lothert

Legal, Brush Site and Police Department – Allex & Lothert

City Buildings – Strunc

Community Center – Lothert & Strunc

Water & Sewer – Bentley & Simpson

Streets & Maintenance – Bentley & Simpson

Weed Inspector – Allex

Assistant Weed Inspector – Kaufenberg

City Forester – Kaufenberg


A motion was made by Strunc to approve a raffle permit for the DAAC on 7/10/10 and the Danube Firemen’s Relief Association on 3/20/10.  Lothert seconded and the motion passed with Bentley and Allex abstaining.


Allex wants time cards of city employees to be signed if their hours include extra time for anything.  He also wants vacation days pre-approved.


Lothert wants to get a City Newsletter going.  She will contact businesses and come up with content for the newsletter.  They will be placed in local businesses.  The clerk mentioned she wanted to do this in the past and got council approval, but has not had time to do it.


There being no further business to discuss, at 9:05 p.m. a motion was made by Lothert to adjourn the meeting.  Bentley seconded and the motion carried unanimously.




Respectfully submitted:  Sara Wilson, City Clerk

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