The city with heart



 When is city hall open?

Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (closed 1:15-1:45 for lunch)

 What is the address of City Hall?

City Hall is located at 400 Main Street in Danube

mail can be sent to:

PO Box 397, Danube, MN 56230

Phone #:  320-826-2563

Fax #: 320-826-2258

Police Dept#: 320-826-2256

Email:  cityclerk@cityofdanube.com

 When do you declare a snow emergency?


The City of Danube issues a snow emergency upon receiving an inch of snow or ice.  No vehicles may be parked on City streets until the City has removed the snow or ice.   The City generally does not start plowing until it has stopped snowing. 

Any vehicle left on the street during a snow emergency will be towed and the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for the cost of towing and storage.  The owner will also be charged a violation fee as described in Ordinance 104 (available at City Hall). 

 Where do I apply for a dog license?

Dog licenses are handled by the city clerk's office and run from May through May.  Forms and tags are available at City Office for a small fee (currently $5). All dogs need to licensed as of 6 months of age and annually there after.  Proof of current rabies shots need to be provided in order to receive the dog tag. 

Cats do not require a license.

 How do I find my polling place?

Contact City Hall at 826-2563
This is the official site of the city of Danube